Quick Spark for Natural Energy

QuickSpark contains a patented formulation of Coenzyme 1 that can naturally increase your cellular energy.

What is Coenzyme 1?

Coenzyme 1, also known as NADH is biologically available vitamin B3. It is the primary coenzyme which fuels over 1000 metabolic processes in the body. It is quite literally cellular fuel.

Coenzyme 1 was first discovered in 1903, but its role the body was not fully understood until many years later thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Walther Birkmayer.  Dr. Birkmayer received four honorary doctorates for his work on Coenzyme 1.

How does our body use Coenzyme 1

The ATP energy cycle is critical to all forms of life. ATP is a highly complex process where energy is created in order for our cells to function. Coenzyme 1 is the vital fuel that is used in creating this energy from our food, oxygen and the sun. A loss of Coenzyme 1 at a cellular level would create an ATP energy deficiency. Our bodies ATP energy is used to fuel all our organs, muscles and bones.

Directions for use: Take two lozenges per day as needed. Place under tongue until fully dissolved.

No caffeine, sugar, dairy and preservatives. No artificial colours and flavours.

Increase your natural energy with Quick Spark

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